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Loving My New Beauty Routine


1. Wash face with warm water and gentle soap, leaving face moist.

2. Apply Ellen Rose VITALITYSERUM and wait a 7 minutes before:

3. Gentle facial massage with Myrrh & Frankincense Anti-Ageing


Use the VITALITY SERUM routine twice a day (once at the very least)

Twice a Week:

Apply Ellen Rose special recipe Honey-Clay-Olive Oil face mask, and leave on for 7 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water and follow with Moisturizer. Here is the face mask recipe: In a small sterilized glass jar mix: 3 tsp quality honey + 2 tsp white clay + 1 tsp virgin olive oil + 1 drop sandalwood or lavender essential oil. Cover tightly and keep in the fridge in hot weather. On a clean moist face, apply a thin layer on face and neck but not around the eyes. Leave on for 7 minutes, best while lying down.

Four or Five times per week : FACIAL YOGA workout for 15 minutes

Next FACIAL YOGA class with take place on June 3rd in Netanya. For Details visit my Facebook Page Ellen Rose

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